“Alexa, Tell Amazon’s Contractors to Stop Stealing from Workers”

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Amazon Why?

The hard-working families of Arlington are making a simple request: Amazon Stop Hiring Contractors That Are Stealing From Workers! As our community continues to grow and more construction is taking place because of the massive Amazon project in Arlington County, we are seeing wages stolen from those who are building these projects. Amazon has hired contractors that are using labor brokers and contribute to wage theft in our community. Labor brokers and these contractors ignore laws and take advantage of vulnerable workers by misclassifying them as independent contractors. This gives them the ability to pay workers in cash and refuse to pay workers compensation, health benefits, and local taxes like the rest of us.

Local workers should be able to work where they live without fear of being taken advantage of. Arlington County is developing, but the local workers are currently not protected from these greedy contractors and labor brokers. Amazon can change that.


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Amazon Who?

Arlington County residents do have a voice and can make it heard as easy as an Amazon Alexa listens.

It’s better for our communities when wage theft is prevented and companies like Amazon agree to hire legitimate contractors who do not use labor brokers. We need our local leaders to help today.


Amazon What?

Are you an Arlington County resident that wants to know what you can do to make sure workers are treated fairly by Amazon? 

Use the form below to send an email to the entire Board of Supervisors and/or call their office at 856-488-7878. Please be sure to tell your elected officials that you are a concerned resident and want Amazon to stop utilizing contractors that commit wage theft.